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For as techie as I am, I am absolutely bad at Photoshop. I have no idea how to make two heads of that program. I can use iPhoto, Aperture, and other ‘lite’ applications well enough, but I just haven’t had the time or energy to truly master Adobe’s masterpiece.

My pictures, therefore, in spite of having ‘potential’ always stay in their¬† ‘raw’ form. Colors aren’t that vibrant, nor is sharpness particularly crisp. Those days could be over for me with a piece of software that Stefan, a friend of mine, recommended:


This software, mostly geared towards DSLRs, will correct lens anomalies, sensor anomalies, and optical anomalies. The pictures do look better. Much better.¬† The changes can be drastic at times (when your lens distorts the shot). You can even export pictures into Flickr! Give it a shot, unless you’re that Photoshop wiz I envy.

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